Chinese tree fruit that looks like a tomato

Chinese tree fruit that looks like a tomato

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Chinese tree fruit that looks like a tomato is now available in supermarkets in Japan.

“Sakura Tomato,” short for “cherry tomato,” is the edible fruit from the oriental tree. It is available as a food-shaped object, a cherry or plum-shaped food, an ingredient in the shape of a cut fruit, and a drink from the cherry or plum.

Sakura Tomato was launched by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a drug manufacturing company based in Tokyo, on Thursday. The company is working with a local fruit company to produce the product.

Sakura Tomato is the first food product released from the development team of Otsuka that is aimed at adults. Previous products were created to satisfy the need of children.

“Sakura Tomato,” made of artificial materials, is a product of the same class as “Sushi Tomato” and “Pikake”.

They were developed to attract young people, as the name “sakura” indicates a cherry blossom in Japanese.

The main selling points of the products are their designs, shapes, and colors. For instance, "Sakura Tomato" has the color of a cherry blossom in the body, which the user cannot peel.

A tomato can be peeled with a fingernail and the skin is not tight. But, Otsuka wants to attract consumers with a tight skin.

Moreover, the texture of a tomato changes once it goes through a machine to soften the skin. When a tomato is eaten whole, it is the texture that is most important.

However, if we cut the tomato into pieces, then the taste becomes more important, according to Otsuka. Therefore, the company thinks the product has the potential to succeed in the fast-food segment.

The team has successfully launched “Pikake”.“Pikake” is a product which can be eaten without breaking it into pieces. This means that it does not need to be cut using a knife, making it very convenient for users.

Otsuka is planning to expand its business in the fast-food segment, and aims to expand its business by diversifying it to other products.

In the present market, the fast-food market accounts for around 20% of the overall sales of the food industry. Otsuka is planning to accelerate the expansion of its business into this market.

Moreover, Otsuka believes that there will be a change in the fast-food segment in the future.

“It is believed that the fast-food market will come to have a new business model that emphasizes on convenience.”

In Japan, the sale of fast-food outlets continues to decrease year-on-year, with the number of fast-food outlets shrinking to the greatest extent since 2008.

Otsuka expects that food processing will begin to grow this year.

Otsuka intends to enter new businesses to diversify its business to new products. Otsuka is planning to launch “Pikake”, which has good properties such as convenient to eat and to carry, by the end of 2019. “Pikake” is an idea that has been well received by its users. “Pikake” is expected to be launched as a ready-to-eat food product. “Pikake” is the name of the traditional fish cake made of eel. In the past, “pikake” was only sold in the form of dried cakes. “Pikake” will be sold as a new food product.

From April 20, 2019, Otsuka intends to sell “Pikake” together with Nihon Ramen’s “Chotto Ramen”. “Pikake” and “Chotto Ramen” will be sold at a special price of 4,800 yen for a single “pikake” piece. “Pikake” and “Chotto Ramen” are expected to be a good example of cooperation.

Otsuka intends to make a profit by selling “Pikake” and “Chotto Ramen”. If “Pikake” is accepted by its users, “Pikake” and “Chotto Ramen” will be able to sell “pikake” in the future.“Pikake” and “Chotto Ramen” are expected to be popular even in non-Japanese markets.

“Pikake” has the same shape and taste as Nihon Ramen’s “Chotto Ramen”. However, “Pikake” has a better smell and a better taste than “Chotto Ramen”. Otsuka believes that the reason for this is that “pikake” is made with only high quality ingredients.

Nihon Ramen’s “Chotto Ramen” was selected as the best product to be promoted by Tōkō, Japan’s largest convenience store