Dreaming of a Raspberry Patch

Dreaming of a Raspberry Patch

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We haven’t had a raspberry patch since we left our farm a few years ago, and I’ve been anxious to have one ever since but there was never the right place to put it.

Then, last fall, we had an enormous 60 foot ash tree taken out of the back yard. It was 75% dead and needed to come down before it crushed the shed and/or fence. We had the stump ground out and were left with a 10 foot circle mounded with dirt and wood shavings.

The debate was whether to level it off and sow grass seeds or just let it decompose and settle on it’s own (my argument was that the latter option would be a welcome mat for unwanted weeds!).

Then, during a sleepless night, the grand idea arrived to me—make it a raspberry patch! (Don’t you love it when sleepless nights are at least somewhat fruitful?). The area gets plenty of afternoon sun and is far enough in the back of the yard that it won’t be unsightly. Perfect.

The problem then became where to get so many plants without paying an arm and a leg. Raspberries propagate very freely so I knew there had to be someone out there willing to do a swap. So, I posted a message on a local organic gardening website forum and found two people willing to participate.

I got 30 beautiful raspberry plants in exchange for 30 divisions of my favorite potted perennials. The raspberries are now quite comfortable in their new home and I’m already anxious for next year’s harvest!

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