Gettin' a Goat Fix

Gettin' a Goat Fix

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These little cuties can be so sneaky!

As urban farmers, we are often limited in how many animals we can keep. My 1/2-acre suburban farm is comfortably full with three horses, three dogs and eight chickens. I don’t really have room or time for goats.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them. Sometimes I want them so much, I go to the Internet to get my goat fix.

This past week, I stumbled upon a video on a news website showing a baby pygmy goat going crazy, to the chagrin of his fellow kids. The little guy — whose name is Buttermilk — was very excited to be out of his pen and started leaping like a gazelle. He was using the other baby goats as hurdles, bounding over them as he ran around the yard like a dog with the zoomies.

The real fun began when he started using his fellow goats as launching pads, too. What ensued was the goat version of cow tipping. The rambunctious little kid bounced off the side of another goat, sending it sprawling into the grass.

After seeing this video and laughing so hard that people came into my office to check on me, I decided to go on YouTube and watch other baby goat videos. I was treated to a host of amusing outtakes featuring baby pygmy goats in a variety of settings, including living rooms, kitchen and offices. They were running over boxes, climbing on couches and leaping across linoleum floors. One older goat was recorded head-butting himself in a bedroom mirror. Another new baby jumped from a feed pan to a log, back and forth, with cute little rears and hops in between.

My quest for cute goat videos soon morphed into that familiar tangent that happens whenever I’m on YouTube. I found myself watching videos of cats doing funny things, puppies playing with toys and even people fainting at inappropriate times.

Eventually, I went back to the goats and got my fill of cute ruminants mugging for the camera. It’s not quite the same as having your own goat, but it’s sure better than nothing.

Feel like giggling? Check this video out.

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